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Founded in 2009, on the simple premise that every child should be allowed to go to school. For refugees, the trauma from displacement is an immense burden to bear. Specifically for children, their trauma is often suffered in silence. Going to school is often an aid in relieving that burden. 

For over 10 years, Fugee School has provided access to education up to 500 refugee youths from 11 different nationalities, ages 4 to 20.

Today, we provide 200 students with a holistic education, equipping students with more than just academia, but life skills and hands-on experience for real world preparedness. We employ refugee teachers and leadership members, returning their self-agency and right to dignified work. 


COVID-19 has created a compounded effect that has exhausted our reserves – right now we are not sure how long we can keep the doors of Fugee School open.

Your contribution will: 

  • Give refugees access to education by helping Fugee School stay open

  • Provide the means to online learning 

  • Provide monthly education fees for 200 students

Educate A Child, Impact Generations

Should you wish to donate via direct bank transfer, donations can be made to:

Liberty to Learn Berhad, RHB Bank - account number: 21427700058070

If you would like to donate via bank transfer, please send us an email at [email protected] with your name and transfer slips for our tracking purposes.

Donations made to Fugee will not be applicable for tax deduction. We will issue a donation receipt to confirm your donation amount. Thank you for your generosity.

Contact us at 03-27732800 for any further enquiries.

Monthly Recurring
Donation Amount Used For
RM 50 1 month school fees x 1 student
RM 100 1 month school fees x 2 students
RM 150 1 month school fees x 3 students

One - Off
Donation Amount Used For
RM 100 1 month school fees x 2 students
RM 300 2 month school fees x 6 students
RM 500 100 sets of student workbooks for 1 term (3 months)
Provide Internet for the whole school for 1.5 months

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